Growing Garlic

In the modern world, garlic is increasingly being used as ingredients in many dishes. This can be attributed to its unique taste and health benefits associated with their consumption. Research has shown that garlic is very effective when it comes to boosting the immune system and it also has anti-cancer properties. The topical application of garlic on the skin is also an effective treatment against certain skin conditions. In view of this, consumption of garlic is highly recommended

Organic farming is a method of farming in which synthetic fertilizers are not used. This method has many advantages associated with it and in view of this, growing garlic organically is highly recommended. Some of the advantages associated with organic farming are as listed below. This method of farming improves and maintains soil fertility.

Since conventional chemical products such as fertilizers and pesticides are not used. This type of farming system does not pollute the environment. Organic products are tastier when compared to farm products produced through conventional farming methods. Organic products tend to be safer since they are not contaminated by chemical components. Organic farming is cheaper when compared to conventional farming methods

Growing garlic organically might seem a daunting task for any individual. However, with the correct guidance, growing garlic organically can turn out to be an enjoyable experience. The following steps should be followed when planning your garden.

Preparation of the ground

When preparing the ground, the following steps should be followed. Pick a spot which receives at least half a day of sunshine and is near a reliable source of water. The soil in this area should also have good drainage. Clear the area of all debris, vegetation and weeds.

Test the soil PH and build it with organic matter. This organic matter can be in the form of compost manure or commercially produced organic manure. The soil should be thoroughly mixed with organic matter so as to improve its fertility. Adjust the soil PH to a range of between 6-7 using lime. This is the recommended PH level for growing garlic.

It is also recommended that the soil should be deep and well drained due to the nature of the garlic bulb and roots.


There are usually two types of garlic: hard neck and soft neck. The hard neck type of garlic produces plumber cloves of garlic but can only be stored for a short period of time while the soft neck garlic has tiny cloves but can be stored for a much longer period. The following procedure should be followed. Choose the best organic garlic cloves to use as seed. Plant the cloves with the roots of the bulb pointing downwards. The cloves should be at a depth of 2 inches below the ground to allow for easier sprouting. Space the cloves in rows with each row being 4 to 6 inches apart and the cloves should be separated by 3 inches on each row.


When growing garlic, proper tending and maintenance of the organic garlic plant should be undertaken. The following steps should be taken during the growth of the garlic. Garlic usually produce flower bulbs, these should be snipped off so as to increase their growth rate. Regular watering and weeding of the garden should be carried out. The organic garden should be covered with mulch to help maintain the moisture level in the soil.

The Greatest Methods of Curing Growing Garlic
Garlic is used by many people as a recipe. It will possibly easily be grown and is believed to be a medical cure for a number of ailments. The method of curing growing garlic could be very easy that requires no particular equipment. Moreover, minimum time is required to facilitate this task.
greenhouse seeds also require some curing as they proceed to grow. This can be finished by controlling insects and soil borne diseases. Each growing garlic and greenhouse seeds have other ways of curing them since each of them grow underneath totally different climatic conditions. This article will have a look at ways of curing each. Here we go.
You may merely treatment growing garlic by tying it garlic bundles collectively by the leaves of the primary plant. By doing this, you’ll give the garlic an opportunity to dry in a slow motion.
When curing greenhouse seeds, it would depend solely on which kind of seedling you have. There are these that can be cured by utilizing fertilizers while they are about several weeks previous whereas others solely rely upon manure.

For the growing garlic, you may simply minimize the leaves off from the bulbs. Thereafter, you possibly can merely spread the bulbs out on a cardboard to dry. To attain even curing, it is imperative so that you can maintain turning the bulbs as soon as in a week.

You’ll be able to treatment growing garlic by braiding its bulb leaves just the same method the hair is braided. To begin with the braiding, it is best to start by braiding about three bulb leaves and go on including a bulb after a cross part of the braid you are by way of with. You’ll be able to leave the braided to dry in a dry place or simply go away it within the open however in a cool dry place with the intention to facilitate quick curing.

You may cure greenhouse seeds by adding nutrients mixed with water. This way you will be able to supply a remedial solution particularly to insects or soil borne ailments which can be able to assault the seeds.
To help the greenhouse seeds in rising year spherical, you can place a fan within the doorway and pull out any excess sizzling air caused when the greenhouse is hot. This fashion the seeds will remain cured by having the required air circulation required for his or her growth.
While curing growing garlic, it is imperative to take a look at the dryness of the garlic bulbs. You’ll be able to obtain this by checking whether or not the outer layer has a paper like covering.